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Dieting Issues for Women

 While both men and women share many aspects of dieting, there are some issues that are specific to women.  These issues can make it difficult to stick to your plan, but becoming aware of them can help you to develop strategies to deal with possible setbacks.   Hormonal changes.  Women have the unique experience of dealing with changes in the menstrual cycle.  Dealing with PMS can cause increases in cravings, water retention, and make you feel like you simply can’t deal with your diet.   Being aware of your cycle can help you to plan ahead for these problems and temptations.  For example, if you know that you’re going to have a few pounds of extra water weight at a...

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Dieting Issues for Men

When it comes to dieting, women and men sometimes have a different set of setbacks.  For men, there are some specific issues to consider and combat.   Salty cravings.  While women tend to crave sweet foods, men tend to have cravings for foods that are high in salt and fat.  For example, nachos, wings, chips, and salty peanuts are often temptations for men.   These foods can really keep you from getting the weight loss that you’re seeking on your diet program.  There are a couple of strategies that can help with the salt cravings.  One method is to prepare your favorite foods in low-sodium, low-fat versions.    If you absolutely must have a serving of your favorite nachos loaded...

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Avoiding Temptations in the Workplace

One of the hardest places to stick to your diet is the office.  And since you probably spent a large majority of your time at work, you have to have some strategies to help you deal with the temptations you’ll face.   Stock up on snacks.  Keep healthy snacks available at all times.  You may want to designate a drawer in your desk for them.  When you’re feeling hungry, instead of heading to the vending machine for a candy bar you’ll have healthier options.   Pack your lunch.  In the workplace, eating out for lunch every day is an expensive habit in more ways than one.  While you’ll find that your wallet is a little lighter from eating out, your...

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Healthier Snack Alternatives

Throughout the day, you find yourself feeling a little twinge of hunger before dinner.  When you’re dieting, it’s important to make sure you address your snacks.  Snacks can cost you a lot of unnecessary calories but with some smart choices you an stay on your program and feel satisfied.   Here are some alternatives to the high-calorie, high-fat options you may have been eating:   Instead of…                                                   Try…   Potato chips                                                    Baked chips, popcorn, rice cakes, veggies Candy bar                                                        Raisins, nuts, and other dried fruit Regular soda                                                   Diet soda or flavored water Cookies                                                           Small square of dark chocolate Sugary cereal                                                  Whole grain cereal Milkshake                                                       Protein shake Cake                                                                Piece of fruit   In...

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Stock Up on Energy Boosting Foods

When you’re dieting, it’s important to eat foods that are going to supply you with the energy that you really need.  Restricting your calories can lead to feeling less energy if you make the wrong food choices.    Make sure that you choose foods that have a lot of nutrients.  This includes protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  The more nutrition a food packs in, the more it will help you to sustain good health and energy.   Here are some foods that will help you to feel satisfied and keep your energy flowing:   Protein shakes Whole grain breads and pastas Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts Oatmeal Fruits and vegetables Olive and flaxseed oils Whole grain cereals  ...

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